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Francois LESUEUR
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MARRIAGE: 12 Jul 1659, New Amsterdam (Kings Co) NY Jannetje LOZIER Hillebrand LOZIER Jan LOZIER Jacob LOZIER +Nicholas LOZIER ************* ************* ************* Cornelius Arentsen Viervant and Jeanne Le Sueur Cornelis Arentsen Viervant was probably born in Lexmond, Utrecht, South Holland, Netherlands. Cornelis married Jeanne Le Sueur in 1668. Jeanne was probably born in Colmênil, Normandy, France. She came with her brother, François, from France to Manhattan in about 1657. They moved to Harlem, New York, USA, leaving in 1662, and later in Esopus, Ulster County, New York, USA, where Jeanne married Cornelis. Afterwards, Cornelis and Jeanne moved to Harlem. Cornelis leased land at Fordham, New York, USA in 1669 and 1671. Cornelis died in 1675 in Fordham, New York, USA. Cornelis and Jeanne had: 1. Cornelia Viervant, born in Kingston, Ulster County, New York, USA, married 1) William Ennes in or before 1694 in New York, 2) Lambert Brink 10 May 1717 in Kingston, Ulster County, New York, USA. More About Jeanne Le Sueur's Family Jeanne Le Sueur's parents have not as of yet been found. However, she had at least one brother: 1. François Le Sueur, born 1625 in Colmênil, Normandy, France, married Jannetje Hillebrandt 12 Jul 1659 in New Amsterdam, New Netherland, died between 1669-1671, civil engineer, father of Jannetje, Hildebrand, John, Jacob, and Nicholas Lozier. Outwater in his article, suggested a second brother for Jeanne: 2. Eustache Le Sueur, artist and member of the French Academy. According to the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco website, Eustache was born in 1617 in Paris, France, was a founding member of the Royal Academy of Painting and Sculpture (the Academy aforementioned), was called the "French Raphael", and died in 1655 (probably in Paris, where he spent his life). His work can be seen in museums in major cities, including Paris and San Francisco. I have no primary, and only one secondary, source to support the claim of a relationship between Eustache and our family. Outwater, the NYGBR article's author, cited his sources at the end of the article but not always directly in connection to the above information. If Eustache was really François and Jeanne's brother, then their father was "an illiterate artisan" (FAMSF website). I personally am skeptical about the proposed connection between our Le Sueurs and Eustache. It is known that Eustache was born and lived all his life in Paris, not Colmênil. Jeanne and François, on the other hand, were from Colmênil and had no recorded ties to Paris. The fact that Eustache was born and raised in a different city than Jeanne and François, along with the lack of primary sources, makes the suggestion that Eustache was related the New York Le Sueurs highly improbable. Sources: 1. Ennes, Calvin, A Bit About the Ennes, Au Gres, Michigan, 1969. 2. Hoes, Roswell Randall (comp.), Baptismal and Marriage Registers of the Old Dutch Church of Kingston, Ulster County, New York, USA, Baltimore, MD: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1997 (originally published by De Vinne Press (New York), 1891). 3. "Oudewater-Outwater, Virginia, USAn Breesteede, Bertholf-Bartholf, Le Sueur-Lozier, Virginia, USAn Borsum, Caudebec-Cuddeback-Cudeback, and the Provoost Lineage of Dr. Samuel Outwater of Lockport, N. Y., and Los Angeles, Cal.", New York, USA Genealogical and Biographical Record, Vol. LV, No. 4, October 1924, pgs. 349-368 (pgs. 360-361 inclusive). 4. Saxbe, William B. Jr., "Four Fathers for William Ennis of Kingston: A Collective Review", New York, USA Genealogical and Biographical Record, Vol. 129, No. 4, October 1998, pgs. 227-238. 5. The Marriage Book of the Register of the Persons who are herin recorded, and who were married here or outside the city of New York from the 11th Dec. 1639, as found in The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record, published 1890 and 1940. 6. Artist Biography of Eustache Le Sueur, Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco website,, 2001. 7. Riker, James, Harlem: its origin and early annals, New York, USA, 1881. 8. Versteeg, Dingman (trans.), New York, USA Historical Manuscripts: Dutch, Kingston Papers, Vol. I (1661-1667), original translation 1899, Samuel Oppenheim's revision of Vol. I pub. 1912, Baltimore, MD: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1976.