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John ClarkAge: 83 years17821865

John Clark
Given names
Birth March 1, 1782
Kentucky Becomes 15th State June 25, 1792 (Age 10 years)

Lincoln County, Kentucky Formed June 25, 1792 (Age 10 years)

Note: Lincoln was one of the original three counties formed out of Virginia's Kentucky County. (The other two were Fayette and Jefferson counties.) These three were separated from Virginia to create the Commonwealth of Kentucky in 1792.
George Washington Relected December 5, 1792 (Age 10 years)

Note: Geo. Washington relected to his second term as president.
Knox County, Kentucky Formed December 19, 1799 (Age 17 years)

Note: Knox County was officially formed on December 19, 1799. Losing counties were Lincoln County.
Rockcastle County, Kentucky Formed January 8, 1810 (Age 27 years)

Note: Rockcastle County was officially formed on January 8, 1810. Losing counties were Lincoln, Pulaski, Madison and Knox counties.
Birth of a daughter
Sarah Clark
February 16, 1811 (Age 28 years)
New Madrid Earthquake December 16, 1811 (Age 29 years)

Note: New Madrid Earthquake reverses course of Mississippi River.(
Harlan County, Kentucky Formed January 28, 1819 (Age 36 years)

Note: Harlan County was officially formed on January 28, 1819. Losing counties were Knox County.
Marriage of a childGeorge Washington EagerSarah ClarkView this family
January 5, 1829 (Age 46 years)
Death of a wifeMary Rebecca Seybert
December 11, 1832 (Age 50 years)
The American Civil War Begins April 12, 1861 (Age 79 years)

Note: The opening of the American Civil War - Battle of Fort Sumter, South Carolina.
The American Civil War Ends May 13, 1865 (Age 83 years)

Note: The American Civil War concludes with the surrender of Robert E. Lee in the Appomattax Courthouse at Appomattax, Virginia.
Death July 26, 1865 (Age 83 years)
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Birth: Mar. 1, 1782 Kentucky, USA Death: Jul. 26, 1865 Clarkes Summit Wythe County Virginia, USA contributor: Braxton Boggs The following was taken from a book titled EARLEY ADVENTURES ON THE WESTERN WATERS BY MARY KEGLEY, Volume III, Part 2. In the far northeastern corner of Wythe County, Virginia, a location long known as Clark's Summit took its name from one of its settlers, John Clark. This site was said to be the highest point on the rail line in Wythe County. Today the area is generally known as Gunton Park. John Clark was born in Kentucky on March 1, 1782, and first appears in Wythe County in the 1810 census as a young married man with no children. His first wife was Mary Rebecca Seybert, daughter of Christian Seybert (Federal Census, Wythe County, 1810, 1850. John served in the War of 1812, in Captain Samuel Graham's Company of Infantry, 4th Regiment of the Virginia Militia. He signed up on September 1, 1813 for a period of six months. Later in the year he was on the roll "near Pleasure House about fifteen miles from Norfolk," and in 1814. He received 80 acres of bounty land. The payroll accounts show that he was paid as a corporal for one month at the rate of $10 per month. All other accounts show that he was paid $8 per month as a private. He made his request for bounty land on September 28, 1850 (Pension National Archives, 11561-80-55.John's first purchase of land was in 1812, when he bought 100 acres for Palser Johnson, who had the tract patented in 1808. In this deed, the purchaser was named as John Shryber ("Dutch" name for alias John Clark), indicating that he or some record keeper) had merely translated the German word into the nearest English equivalent. The word "dutch" refers to deutsch meaning German and not Holland DUTCH. Literally translated in would have been Clerk, but the old way to pronounce that word was Clark (Wythe County Survey Book 4, p. 76; Wythe County Deed Book 5, p 538). The family have long believed that John Clark was connected to George Rogers Clark, of the English Clarks, but this seems unlikely in view of the Shryber name. From this humble beginning of 100 acres, John Clark added land continually over his lifetime until 1840 when he had all of his purchases combined in one inclusive survey. At that time he had acquired 2574 acres including most of the land of Thomas Hutcheson who had designed his claim of 406 acres as being on "the Horsepen Lick" in 1783, as well as some of the Joseph Glasgow land. Much of the balance was taken up on treasury warrants, indicating it had not been claim before. Christian Seybert conveyed 45 acres to Clark in 1820, and the Grahams transferred 217 acres in 1828. George Eager (Yeager) and wife Sally conveyed two tracts in 1834, and the two daughter of John Eager (Yeager), deceased. Charlotte and Elizabeth Eager conveyed to Clark their interest in the land where John and George Eager were then living (Wythe County Deed Book 8. pp 147; Book 12. pp 95.630, 631, 676). A log house was Clark's home until the time his tavern was built. Here he catered to the travelers who came into the county through the northeast (present Pulaski County) and traveled the Peppers Ferry road. The railroad also went through his property and a small station was built there for the convenience of the public. Clark apparently did well. In the 1930s the tavern was standing in good condition. In the 1960s only part of the tavern remained (WPA Papers). The tavern was a two and a half-story brick building with a gabled roof. Each room had a fireplace and a porch extended across the front. There was no windows in the north side of the house. Clark had a total of nineteen children, all of them named in his will. By his first marriage he had Sarah (Yeager), William L., Permelia (Yerion), Andrew Jackson, Polly (Carter), Joseph G., Henry, Rebecca, George W., Augustus, and Virginia (Wade) who died before her father and left three children: Virginia M., John S. and Nancy R. Wade. Mary Rebecca Clark, John's first wife December 11, 1832 and on Jun 25 the following year (1833), John married Polly (Mary) Crawford, who survived him. By his second marriage he had seven children: Christopher Columbus, Caroline, Alexander Matthews, Mahala E., David G.B., Margaret E., and Thomas B.(Wythe County Will Book 10, p. 639 names all children. John Clark wrote his will on November 30, 1860 and its was probated inSeptember 1865. He died on July 26, 1865 (Wythe County Will Book 10, p 639. He is buried in a small cemetery near his residence, but the stone is not legible, Others, including Clark's first wife and her father Christian Seybert a re also buried there. Under the terms of his will, widow Mary received one-third of the land for life, and the other 2/3 to the children of his first wife for life. At the death of the children, the 2/3 share was to go to their children. His wife Mary also received all slaves, cattle, horses, sheep, hogs, farming utensils, and household and kitchen furniture, all money, and all debts and all residue. After Mary's death, her share went to her children for life, and the to the children of each of them. Mary was name executor. Following John's death, a suit was brought by John A. Carter and wife Margaret Clark Carter(his daughter) against Mary Clark, the widow, and others of the family. The suit was filed in 1868 but was not completed until 1886 (Carter vs Clark, Box 147, March, September1886, Wythe County Circuit Court Clerk's Office, Basement). The plaintiffs wanted division of the estate and asked that William Sowers and Joseph Clark account for advancements or else place their property in hotchpot. The other Clark defendants were named as: Henry, David G.B., Andrew J., Joseph G. Mahala who married William Sowers, Thomas B., William L., Franklin, Brown Clark, deceased, Angus G., Virginia M., John S. and Nancy K. Wade, infants and heirs of Virginia Wade, Polly Carter and her husband John, Sarah Yeager and husband George, Pamelia Yerion and husband Joseph, Rebecca Graham and David E. Graham, her husband, Christopher Clark, Louisa, widow of Alexander, deceased, and Mary Lucy their infant daughter, and T.J Cooper, husband of Carolina Cooper and eight infant heir unknown. The case stated that John Clark had 7 tracts of land with a total of 2254 acres. The land was partitioned and sold in 1871. The dower was 460 1/2 acres. In the suit papers, there was a list of some of the heirs with their places of residence. Permelia Yerion was in Woodford, Indiana, Polly and John A. Carter and George Yeager and Sarah Clark Yeager(Eager) were in Kentucky. Henry and David G. Clark were living at Walnut Hillin Lee County, Virginia; George Clark's estate was on New River, Virginia wife of C.M. Wade was living in Abingdon, C.C. (Christopher Columbus) Clark and Margaret Carter were living in Texas. Alexander Clark was living in Bainville, Clinton, Missouri (or Mississippi), Carolina, wife of T.J. Cooper, Andrew, Thomas and Joseph Clark were in Wythe County, and William J. Clark was living in Carroll County, Virginia Sowers and Joseph Clark failed to file an answer which excluded then from the distribution of the estate. The infant defendants included Thomas B., Franklin, Brown and Josiah Clark (the last three children of George Clark dec'd), Virginia, Nancy R., and John S.Wade, the children of Virginia Wade, and Mary Lucy Clark. The decree stated Andrew bought Lot 1, a tract of 100 acres, which was transferred to Samuel Chenault, and that John C. Graham and David Sexton bought the dower of 460 1/2 acres at public sale for $1500.00 in 1877. The sale of the interest of the heirs was ordered to be sold in 1869. There was also a petition filed by William Clark against John A. Carter and wife, because of a debt owed to him. He claimed that the Carters had 1/16 interest in the total of 2254 acres, subject to the widow's dower. The first sale of the land was held on May 26, 1871, and Andrew Clark filed an exception to the sale on the grounds that it sold for a grossly inadequate price. The land was resold on December 11, 1871, and at that time Andrew Clark bought 100 acres and Augustus Clark purchase the remainder, claiming he owned the entire tract of 2254 acres less the 100 acres of Andrew, subject to the life estate of the widow. Following the death of the widow in 1876, Augustus claimed he owned of the land. The suit was finally voluntarily dismissed, and the defendants were to recover their costs. John's death certificate states he died from dropsy, known today as congestive heart failure. the following is a copy of the Last Will and Testament of John Clark on file at the Virginia State Archives, and the Wythe County Va. Court House. "I" I John Clark, of Wythe County Virginia, being weak in body but of perfect mind and disposing memory, do make my last will and testament as follows, Viz: "1st After my just debts and funeral expenses are paid out of my personal estate, I give, devise and bequeath to my wife Mary Clark during her life one third in quantity of all my lands which third is to include my dwelling house and to be laid off in such manner and in such form as my said wife Mary Clark shall direct. "2nd After my wife Mary Clark shall have laid off her one third part, in quantity, of my lands as she may chose. I give devise and bequeath the remaining two remaining thirds of my lands to the children of my first during their lives respectively viz Sarah Yeager, William Clark, Permelia Yearion, Andrew J. Clark, Polly Carter, Joseph G. Clark, Henry Clark, Rebecca Graham, George W. Clark, Augustus Clark and the children of my deceased daughter Virginia Wade viz Virginia M. Wade John S. Wade, Nancy R. Wade the said three children of my daughter Virginia Wade to have but one eleventh or one share in common with each one of the other children of by first wife and at the deaths respectively of my first wife and at the deaths respectively of my first wife's children I give devise and bequeath to the children of each one of my first wife's children one eleventh part in fee of the said two-thirds of my lands and if any of my first wife's children should die leaving no child surviving then the part there of such one dying I give and devise in fee to the to the children of the other children of my first wife. 3rd I give devise and bequeath unto my wife Mary Clark during her life time all my slaves; all my cattle, horses, sheep and hogs and all my family utensils and household and kitchen furnishings; all my money and debts due me and all the residue of my estate. And after the death of my said wife Mary Clark, I give devise and bequeath to the children of my wife Mary Clark during their lives respectively Viz Christopher C. Clark, Caroline Cooper, Alexander M. Clark, Mahala E. Sowers, David G.B. Clark, Margaret E. Clark, and Thomas B. Clark. All that portion of my estate which I have herein given to my wife Mary Clark during her life. And at the death respectively of the children of my wife Mary Clark I give and bequeath to the children of each one of my wife Mary Clark one-seventh in fee of the third of my lands and slaves given to my wife Mary Clark for her life and to her children respectively for life. And if any of children should die leaving no child surviving then I give and bequeath the said one-seventh to the children in fee of the other children of my wife Mary Clark. There was no 4th paragraph. 5th I hereby appoint wife Mary Clark executrix of my last will and testament and I herein direct that no security shall be required of her executrix. "Given under my hand and seal the thirtieth day of November, 1860. (s) John Clark A.D. 1860 Attested by us Present Together Jacob Repafs Jos H. Hotston Virginia at a court held for Wythe County, Sept Term 1865, The last will and testament of John Clark decd was presented in court, proved by the oath of Joseph H. Holston, one of the subscribing witnesses thereto and the signature of Jacob Repafs the other subscribing witnesses was proved to be genuine by the oaths of said Joseph H. Holston and Jacob Repafs and ordered to be recorded; and on motion of Mary Clark the executrix named in said will who took the oath prescribed by law (She is being released from executrix bond by the terms of said will). Certificate is granted her for obtaining probate of the same -in due form of law. Testate Wm B. Foster Clerk The following was land transactions for John Clark: Tract 1: 600 acres, by patent Tract 2: 20 acres, by patent Tract 3: 186 acres, from Christian Cybet, Alias Seybert Tract 4: 68 acres, from John C. Graham Tract 5: 300 acres, from John C. Graham Tract 6: 100 acres, from Paulsen Johnson and wife to John Shryber (dutch name for) alias John Clark Tract 7: 100 acres, from George Eager Tract 8: 161 acres, from James Graham, William Graham and Robert Graham The remainder consist of an entry of 1067 acres and 99_?_ made 24 December 1840 on parts of two land office treasury warrants: 1st Treasury Warrant - 900 acres on Warrant No. 2733, issued 20 July 1837 for James Taylor and assigned to John Clark. 2nd Treasury Warrant - 167 acres and 99__?___, Warrant No. 14357 issued 20 June 1840 for Joseph H. Holston and assigned to John Clark. The above mentioned lands make an aggregate of 2574 acres, lying and being in Wythe and Pulaski Counties, the greater part in Wythe on Peek Creek and Millers Creek. Virginia, Deaths and Burials Index, 1853-1917 Name: John Clark Birth Date: Abt 1782 Birth Place: Wythe, Virginia Death Date: Jul 1865 Death Place: Wythe, Virginia Death Age: 83 Occupation: Farmer Race: White Marital Status: Married Gender: Male FHL Film Number: 2048587 Source Information: Virginia, Deaths and Burials Index, 1853-1917 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2011. Original data: "Virginia Deaths and Burials, 1853–1912." Index. FamilySearch, Salt Lake City, Utah, 2010. Index entries derived from digital copies of original and compiled records. Description:This database is an index extracted from more than 750,000 death and burial records from Virginia. Family links: Spouses: Mary Rebecca Seybert Clark (1787 - 1832) Mary Crawford Clark (1811 - 1876)* Children: Joseph Glasgow Clark (1820 - 1887)* Henry Clark (1822 - 1912)* Joshua Clark (1832 - 1833)* Christopher Columbus Clark (1833 - 1877)* David Garland Bell Clark (1843 - 1901)* Thomas Boyd Clark (1851 - 1884)* *Calculated relationship Burial: McMillan Cemetery Clarkes Summit Wythe County Virginia, USA Edit Virtual Cemetery info [?] Created by: Cindy Kingsford Record added: Jun 12, 2013 Find A Grave Memorial# 112216021