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Leroy Venable Sr.Age: 75 years18161892

Leroy Venable Sr.
birth name
Given names
Name suffix
Birth April 10, 1816 26 24
Harlan County, Kentucky Formed January 28, 1819 (Age 2 years)

Note: Harlan County was officially formed on January 28, 1819. Losing counties were Knox County.
Death of a fatherJoseph Venable
between 1825 and 1830 (Age 8 years)
MarriageRachel Ann McQueenView this family
1838 (Age 21 years)

Birth of a son
James M. Venable
June 4, 1848 (Age 32 years)
Birth of a daughter
Minerva Venable
1850 (Age 33 years)
Birth of a son
Leroy Venable Jr.
1853 (Age 36 years)
Birth of a daughter
Stella Venable
1855 (Age 38 years)
Birth of a daughter
Alles Venable
1858 (Age 41 years)
Birth of a son
Thomas B. Venable
1860 (Age 43 years)
The American Civil War Begins April 12, 1861 (Age 45 years)

Note: The opening of the American Civil War - Battle of Fort Sumter, South Carolina.
Birth of a daughter
Rachel S. Venable
1863 (Age 46 years)
The American Civil War Ends May 13, 1865 (Age 49 years)

Note: The American Civil War concludes with the surrender of Robert E. Lee in the Appomattax Courthouse at Appomattax, Virginia.
Death of a motherMatilda Merritt
1866 (Age 49 years)

Marriage of a childJames M. VenableFrances F. JonesView this family
June 22, 1871 (Age 55 years)
Death of a sonJames M. Venable
January 4, 1882 (Age 65 years)
Address: Near Rockcastle River
Death January 29, 1892 (Age 75 years)
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Family with parents - View this family
Joseph Venable
Birth: 1790Prince Edward County, Virginia, USA
Death: between 1825 and 1830Johnson County, Tennessee, USA
Marriage: May 19, 1809Montgomery County, Virginia, USA
7 years
Family with Rachel Ann McQueen - View this family
Marriage: 1838
10 years
3 years
4 years
3 years
4 years
3 years
4 years

Descendants of Joseph Venable
Descendants of Joseph Venable
Submitted by Mark Venable to Owsley County Historical Society
Generation #1

1.  Joseph Venable was born 1790 in Prince Edward Co., VA. and died in between 1825-1830 in Johnson Co., TN.  He married Matilda Merritt on May 19, 1809 in Montgomery Co., VA. She was born 1792 in Prince Edward Co., VA. and died in 1866.

Children of Joseph Venable and Matilda Merritt are:

2.            i.  Lewis Venable, b. May 4, 1810, Washington Co., VA, d. Oct. 3, 1883, Polk 
                  Co., MO
              ii.  Nancy Ann Venable, b.1812, m. Elijah C. Arnold, 1828 Johnson Co., TN
3.          iii.  James M. Venable, b. 1814, Johnson Co., TN. d. 1869 Lee Co., VA
4.          iv.  Leroy Venable Sr., b. April 16, 1816, Johnson Co., TN. d. Jan. 29, 1892, 
                  Owsley Co., KY
              v.  Mary Polly Venable, b. 1820, Johnson Co., TN, m. Sidney Daniel Clark,  
             vi.  Rebecca Venable, b. Nov. 1822, Johnson Co., TN, Richard Pierce, 1842
            vii.  Sarah Venable, b. 1824, m. Adolphus Chandler, June 15, 1842, Johnson 
                  Co., TN
            viii.  Lucinda Venable, b. Oct. 22, 1826, d. Mar.14, 1922, m. Julius Dugger 
                   Rainbolt, 1845
             ix.  Matilda Venable, b. Oct. 22, 1826, d. Dec. 8, 1909, m. John H. Rainbolt, 

Generation #2

. Lewis Venable, b. May 4, 1810, Washington Co., VA, d. Oct. 3, 1883, Polk Co., MO.  He married Susana Van Huss Feb. 27, 1831 in TN. She was born Feb. 13, 1811 and died April 27, 1886.

Children of Lewis Venable and Susana Van Huss are:
            i.   Lucinda Jane Venable, b. 6/18/1832, Johnson Co., TN. m. Abner Eggers
5.         ii.   Mary Elizabeth Venable, b. 1839, Johnson Co., TN
6.        iii.   Matilda G. Venable, b. 1839, Johnson Co., TN., d. 1883
7.        iv.   Rebecca E. Venable, b. 11/9/1840, Johnson Co., TN., d. 2/22/1888
           v.   Rachel Amanda Venable, b. 1842, Johnson Co., TN., d. 6/12/1930, m. James A.
                 Burchett, 5/27/1864, Johnson Co., TN 
8.         vi.  Patrick Smith Venable, b. 3/20/1849, Johnson Co., TN., d. 11/8/1907
9.        vii.  Nancy D. Venable, b. 8/22/1851, Johnson Co., TN., 12/23/1925
          viii.   Mathias W. Venable, b. 1854, Johnson Co., TN., m. Ella Tipton, 1872
           ix.   Abigail A. Venable, b. 1860, Johnson Co., TN., d.1865, Johnson Co., TN
            x.   Delilah Venable, b. 1858, Johnson Co., TN  
3.  James M. Venable, was born in 1814 in Johnson Co., TN. and died 1869 in Lee Co., VA.  His first marriage was to (1) Lucy Jane Bowling. She was born 10/2/1808 in Wilkes Co., NC.  He married (2) Jane M. Hill 10/24/1865 in Lee Co., VA. 

Children of James M. Venable and Lucy Jane Bowling are:

            i.  Miranda Jane Venable, b. 12/20/1832, m. John A. Andis
            ii.  Loretha A. Venable, b. 10/8/1835
           iii.  Flemming MB Venable, b. 1836
           iv.  Matilda Evalina Venable, b. 12/3/1837, m. John T. Blakemore, 12/14/1858
            v.  Andrew W. Venable, b. 1843
           vi.  Elihue L. Venable, b. 1849

Children of James M. Venable and  Jane Hill are: 

          vii.  Charles R. Venable, b. 1867 
         viii.  Benjamin H. Venable, b. 1868
           ix.  William M. Venable, b. 1869

4.  Leroy Venable Sr. was born April 10, 1816 in Johnson Co., TN. and died January    29, 1892 in Owsley Co., KY., buried at Flannery-Quillen Cemetery.  He married  Rachel Ann McQueen in1838, the daughter of Thomas McQueen and Barbary Wills.  She was born March 12, 1818 in Johnson Co., TN. and died August 18, 1898  in Owsley Co., KY., buried at Flannery-Quillen Cemetery.

Children of Leroy Venable Sr. and Rachel Ann McQueen are:

10.             i.  Joseph L. Venable, b. May 1836, Johnson Co., TN
                 ii.  Mary C. Venable, b. 4/27/1840, Lee Co., VA
                iii.  Rebecca A. Venable, b. 1841, Lee Co., VA
                iv.  Matilda J. Venable, b. 1843, Lee Co., VA
                 v.  William C. Venable, b. 1845, Lee Co., VA
                vi.  James M. Venable, b. 1848, Lee Co., VA
11.          vii.  Leroy Venable Jr., b. 2/6/1852, Lee Co., VA., d. 2/17/1904 in Owsley Co., KY
                ix.  Susan Alice Venable, b. 1/26/1853, Lee Co., VA
12.            x.  Stella C. Venable, b. 8/9/1854, Lee Co., Powell’s River, VA. d. 3/3/1937
                     Owsley Co., KY
13.           xi.  Thomas Berry Venable, b.10/9/1857, Lee Co., VA., d. 1930
14.          xii.  Rachel S. Venable, b. 6/8/1864, Owsley Co., KY., d. 1/4/1952, Owsley Co., KY
Generation #3

5.  Mary Elizabeth Venable was born 1835 in Johnson Co., TN.  She married William Lee Doran 8/16/1866 in Johnson Co., TN.

Children of Mary Elizabeth Venable and William Lee Doran are:
                  i.  John Doran
                 ii.  James Doran
                iii.  Cornelius Doran

6.  Matilda G. Venable was born 1839 in Johnson Co., TN., and died in 1883.  She married Jackson Hopkins 9/7/1859 in Johnson Co., TN.

Children of Matilda G. Venable and Jackson Hopkins are: 

                  i.  James Hopkins
                 ii.  Benjamin Hopkins
7.  Rebecca E. Venable was born 11/9/1840 in Johnson Co., TN. and died 2/22/1888. She married James Hamilton Worley 7/25/1861, son of Elias Worley and Levina Grace.
Child of Rebecca E Venable and James Hamilton Worley is: 
                  i.  Susanna A. Worley

8.  Patrick Smith Venable was born 3/20/1849 in Johnson Co., TN. and died 11/8/1907. He married Mary Perdue 8/12/1866 in Johnson Co., TN.
Children of Patrick Smith Venable and Mary Perdue are: 

                i.  Robert L. Venable, b. 1868; m. Ellen Osborn, 3/16/1879, Johnson Co., TN
                 ii.  Margaret L. Venable, b. 1869
                iii.  Martha V. Venable, b. 1871
                iv.  Melinda A. Venable, b. 1873
                 v.  Andrew M. Venable, b. 1874
                vi.  William L. Venable, b. 1875
               vii.  Mary J. Venable, b. 1879
9.  Nancy D. Venable was born 8/22/1851 in Johnson Co., TN. and died 12/23/1925. She married Lewis Wills Farris 3/12/1868 in MO.

Children of Nancy D. Venable and Lewis Wills Farris are:

                 i.  Susan Jane Farris, b. 1870, d. 4/20/1960
                 ii.  Lewis Alexander Farris, b. 8/6/1875
                iii.  George Farris, b. 1880
                iv.  Gertrude Meece Farris, b. 12/16/1883; d. 1/23/1941
                 v.  Flossie Farris, b. 3/1/1885
                vi.  Mary Alice Farris, b. 1887
               vii.  Louis Patterson Farris, b. 1891

10.  Joseph L. Venable was born May 1836 in Johnson Co., TN.  He married Lucy Ann Crusenberry 1855.  She was born January 1837.
Children of Joseph L. Venable and Lucy Ann Crusenberry are: 

                  i.  Nancy Ann Venable, b. 3/3/1856, Lee Co., VA
                 ii.  Mary Catherine Venable, b. 4/27/1860, Lee Co., VA
                iii.  William Leroy Venable, b. 1866; d. 9/7/1947, m. Evaline Literal,                
                      b.  11/22/1876, d. 4/17/1951
                iv.  James T. Venable, b. 1868
                 v.  Frances J. Venable, b. 1873 
11.  Leroy Venable Jr. was born 2/6/1852 in Lee Co., VA. and died 2/17/1904 in Owsley Co., KY.  He married Permelia Isaacs 11/7/1872 in Owsley Co., KY, daughter of Preston Isaacs and Rachel Johnson Isaacs (Mays).  She was born in Owsley Co., KY. and died 1/18/1933 in Owsley Co., KY. 
Children of Leroy Venable Jr, and Permelia Isaacs are: 

                 i.  Sarah L. Venable, b. 11/27/1873, Owsley Co., KY.: d. 3/16/1921, Owsley Co., KY.
                      Married Hurham Newnam
                ii.  Mary Belle Venable, b. 9/25/1875, Owsley Co., KY.; d. 9/10/1950, Lee Co., KY.
                      Married James Farler, b. 7/19/1873, d. 2/5/1927, Lee Co., KY.
                iii.  Sophia M. Venable, b. 10/9/1877, Owsley Co., KY.: d. 11/4/1919, Owsley Co., KY.  
                     Married Leonard Neely, 11/1901, Owsley Co., KY.
                iv.  Walter Preston Venable, b. 4/24/1880, Owsley Co., KY.: d. 3/23/1930,
                     Owsley Co., KY.  Married Amanda Combs, 12/25/03. b. 9/7/1882, d. 2/6/1962
                v.  Rolla Hazelwood Venable , b. 8/25/1882, Owsley Co., KY.; d. 3/25/1961,
                    Owsley  Co., KY.  Married Mary Francis Isaacs 8/10/1905, b. 4/1/1887, d. 9/3/1948
               vi.  Rachel Evaline Venable, b. 6/29/1885, Owsley Co., KY d. 7/23/1954, Lee
                    Co., KY.  Married Samuel P. Tincher 12/25/1906, b. 4/15/1886, d. 
                    11/3/1944, Lee Co., KY.
               vii.  Hattie Lee Venable, b. 6/15/1889, Owsley Co., KY.; d. 10/19/1961,
                     Owsley Co.,  KY. Married Albert Fowler 10/18/1907, b. 7/7/1886. d. 6/26/1940
              viii.  James Madison “Matt” Venable Sr. , b. 3/31/1892, Owsley Co., KY.; d.
                     6/1/1961, Owsley Co., KY. Married Verlie Reynolds 11/28/1918 in Vincent,
                     KY. At MV  Abston’s store. Daughter of Clayborn Reynolds and Sallie
                     Hamilton Reynolds.  She was born 9/11/1902 in Cressmont, KY. She died 
                     6/15/1980, Owsley Co., KY.
                ix.  William Bradley Venable, b. 2/28/1895, Owsley Co., KY.; d. 5/19/1976. 
                      Married Maude Demeral 9/1/1921. b. 4/23/01, d. 6/25/1971
                 x.  Ethel Venable, b. 7/19/1898, m. Hamilton Judd and later remarried 
                      Bedford Fraley in 1922.
               xi.   Gertrude Mae Venable, b. 11/8/1900, Owsley Co., KY.; d. 11/3/1943, Lee
                      Co.,  KY. Married Clay Hamilton March 1916. He was born 9/27/1897 Lee Co., KY. and
                      died 2/4/1950 in Lee Co., KY.

12.   Stella C. Venable, b. 8/9/1854 in Lee Co., Powell’s River, VA.: d. 3/3/1937 in Levi,   KY.  She married John Daniel Ross. He was born 2/7/1851 and died 8/28/1886.

Children of Stella C. Venable and John Daniel Ross are: 

                  i.  Dora Ross
                 ii.  Ballard Ross, b. 1873
                iii.  Emma Ross, b.1874
                iv.  Nancy Ross, b. 5/10/1876
                 v.  Robert Ross, b. 10/26/1878
                vi.  Everett S. Ross, b. 11/10/1882, d. 5/30/1958 Levi, KY
               vii.  Edna Ross, b. 10/5/1884

13. Thomas Berry Venable was born 10/9/1857 in Lee Co., VA and died 1930. He married Mary Jane Shanks in 1880 in Owsley Co., KY.  She was born in 1860 in Owsley Co., KY.
Children of Thomas Berry Venable and Mary Jane Shanks are:

                i.  William Henry Venable, b. 8/20/1880, Owsley Co., KY; d. June 1941
                    Cincinnati,  OH.  He married Mayfene Chestnut 5/1/1903 in London, KY. 
                    She was born 2/24/1882 in London, KY. d. 6/16/1953 in Sacramento, CA.
                ii.  Martha Venable, b. 3/1883; d. Island City, KY.; m. Minter Day
               iii.  Ellen M. Venable, b. 4/1885; m. Walter Bryant
               iv.  Andrew Venable, b. 8/1888; m. Mary Elizabeth Harvey, d. Indiana
                v.  James Harvey Venable,  b. 3/1889; m. Nettie Mays; b. 1891; d. 1977
               vi.  Nancy Venable, b. 3/1893; d. Wooster, OH.; m. Bill Combs
              vii.  Charles Lee Venable, b. 12/1898; d. 2/10/1965 he married Maggie Lee
                    Maddox. She was born 9/18/1903 and died 6/19/1995.
14.   Rachel S. Venable was born 6/8/1864 in Lee Co., VA.; died 1/4/1952 in Owsley Co., KY.  She married James Harvey Flannery 6/29/1880, son of Samuel Flannery  and Nancy Brandenburg.  He was born 1860 in Owsley Co., KY. and died 1898  Owsley Co., KY.

Children of Rachel S. Venable and James Harvey Flannery are:  
                  i.  James G. Flannery, b. July 1881
                 ii.  Nancy Josephine Flannery, b. August 1883
                iii.  Willie P. Flannery, b. June 1891
                iv.  Fannie Florence Flannery, b. 1/17/1893